Name: Holterholm LIEUTENANT-P (heterozygous)

129JE126         aAa: 3-1-5         Beta Casein: A2A2

Born: 03/07/2007          USA115436314

Lieutenant is a bull that was bred and developed by Ron Holter of Holterholm Farms in Maryland. Lieutenant semen was previously offered through the NorthCoast Group in Ohio for several years.

I first saw Lieutenant as a young bull in 2008 when I was traveling through Maryland to visit dairies in Pennsylvania and Ohio.  He was a masculine young bull and was raised on a no-grain all-grass dairy, of which I didn’t see many during my trip!  After talking to Ron Holter about his results in using Lieutenant, I offered to buy the bull from Ron whenever he was done using him.

Lieutenant arrived in Nebraska in 2013 and has been in use since then at Holt Creek Jerseys.  We have had several polled sons and daughters that promise to contribute to our herd’s genetics in the future.

Lieutenant offers the following characteristics:

  • He is heterozygous polled.  While not all of his calves will be polled, he is increasing our percentage of polled animals.
  • He is A2A2, which is a popular trait for grazing dairy breeders.
  • He has ancestral relation to our cattle, because his mother is a daughter of Beledene Dukes Landy, which is a foundation sire in our herd.  We line-breed for consistency, so this is a benefit for us.
  • His cow family displays a record of longevity through several generations, including:
    • His mother, Holterholm Landy Lila, is still alive and producing at over 11 years of age.
    • His great-great grand dam, Ray-Mar CRW Marylou, produced until she was 17 years old.

LIEUTENANT Semen Price: $25/straw

TO ORDER SEMEN: Send an email to ben@holtcreekjerseys.com including the following information:

  1. Billing Name, Address, and Phone Number
  2. Shipping Name, Address and Phone Number (if different)
  3. Number of straws desired from each bull
  4. Any special instructions, such as delayed shipping

*Order in increments of 5 straws, 5 straws minimum order.

*All semen prices are PLUS SHIPPING.  Shipping costs may vary, but are averaging between $110-$125, depending upon your location.

*Semen is shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays.  If you place your order after close of business on Monday, it may possibly be shipped the following week.


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