Name: UR Holt Creek MONTANA

129JE123         aAa: 453612         Beta Casein: A2A2

Born: 04/21/20010          USA117962143

Montana was used for several seasons, both at Holt Creek Jerseys and at Branched Oak Farm in Southeastern Nebraska. During that time, he was a very capable breeder, successfully impregnating over 90% of the females exposed to him in every season.

Montana was aAa analyzed in March 2016.  His aAa analysis is 453612.  The comments of the analyzer are as follows:

“Montana is an impressive individual, strong and wide throughout. He is deep in the chest and carries his width from his muzzle through his sprung rib and rump structure. Montana will make a great mating on a tall narrow cow needing more strength and width.”

Montana is sired by Imperial Fern Landy (a.k.a. “Ferdinand”), a son of Beledene Dukes Landy that was purchased from Doug Martin of Pleasant Valley Jerseys in Pennsylvania by Doug Dittman of Branched Oak Farm. “Ferdinand” was used to breed heifers, then cows for several seasons at Branched Oak Farm before he was sold to an organic dairy in Canada.  I was always impressed with Ferdinand’s conformation. He displayed many of the strengths of his sire, the New Zealand bull Beledene Dukes Landy, whose semen was imported to the U.S. by Doug Martin. Landy was heavily promoted as a grazing dairy bull by Gearld Fry and his semen has been highly sought-after in some grass-fed dairy circles.  Having visited Doug Martin’s farm and seeing the quality of the Landy daughters he had, as well as visiting several other farms in Ohio, Maryland, and Iowa that were happy with their Landy daughters, I have used Landy as a foundation sire in my own herd in addition to purchasing several Landy daughters from other herds in the Midwest.

Montana’s dam is Holt Creek Landy Mona 702, who is a favorite cow in the herd. She has consistently been a top producer in the milking string, and has bred back reliably and on-time consistently. She is now 9 years old and pregnant with what will be her 7th calf, having just completed her 6th lactation with a record of 9,890 lbs. milk and 457 lbs. butterfat in 305 days on grass only. We look forward to seeing how she continues to perform.

Dam: Holt Creek Landy Mona 702 {2}   USA116860617

*8-00 305d 9,980m 457f 4.6% 377p 3.8%

*9-01 300d 7,691m 395f 5.1% 290p 3.8% RIP

*Record completed on GRASS ONLY with NO GRAIN, and partial once-a-day milking



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