A2A2 Semen Available Now: Holt Creek LT KALEB

Name: UR Holt Creek LT KALEB   USA  119736854

Sire: Holterholm LIEUTENANT-P  USA 115436314

Dam: Holt Creek KALONA Landy {1}  USA `116860523

Maternal Grandsire: ISNZ Beledene Dukes Landy   JENZL 302702

  • Classic Jersey Island style, Biodynamic horned genetics
  • Small-standard Old World frame size
  • Longevity from a strong maternal family
  • Excellent disposition
  • Nurse Cow genetics: Wean 110% of bodyweight

KALEB is a young bull with a lot of potential. His mother was a small, capacious cow with high components that served us well as a nurse cow for many seasons before we lost her at 12 years of age. His maternal half sisters are consistently high producers for their size, and have high butterfat and a lot of capacity on a small frame. Use Kaleb to decrease size while increasing capacity, components, and feed efficiency.



Holt Creek Kalona Landy {1} USA, Pictured dry, winter 2016

4/1/2004 to 5/25/16             Sire: Beledene Dukes Landy

KALONA was a one-of-a-kind cow that, at just 42” tall, out-produced many of her larger herd-mates. She was the first cow I had to make a 7.0% butterfat test, back in 2008. Due to an udder injury she became a nurse cow early, and was capable of weaning 2 calves, or 110% of her bodyweight, each year, while breeding back and calving again. Some of the best cows and bulls in my herd were raised by Kalona. She had strong maternal instincts and an excellent disposition. She was small of stature with tremendous capacity. She has transmitted many of her strengths to her female offspring, who remain favorites in our herd and will no doubt be bull mothers in the future.



Holt Creek Lela, Sired By Holt Creek Momentum

3-02 284d 6,621m 419f 6.7% 217p 3.5% RIP*


Holt Creek Karaoke Ballad (Kara), Sired by The Balladeer of Holt Creek

6-11 173d 5,470m 329f 6.0% 197p 3.6% RIP*

*Records in Progress, completed on grass only, with no grain, and partial once-a-day milking.


Kaleb’s Sisters are some of the smallest cows in the herd, yet are quite productive.

Use KALEB to decrease size while increasing capacity, components, and feed efficiency.

KALEB Semen Prices:


TO ORDER SEMEN: Send an email to ben@holtcreekjerseys.com including the following information:

  1. Billing Name, Address, and Phone Number
  2. Shipping Name, Address and Phone Number (if different)
  3. Number of straws desired from each bull
  4. Any special instructions, such as delayed shipping

*Order in increments of 5 straws, 5 straws minimum order.

*All semen prices are PLUS SHIPPING.  Shipping costs may vary, but are averaging between $110-$125, depending upon your location. FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OF 55+ STRAWS.

*Semen is shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays.  If you place your order after close of business on Monday, it may possibly be shipped the following week.


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