A2A2 Semen Available Now: Holt Creek KENTUCKY

Name: UR Holt Creek KENTUCKY   USA 118201636

Sire: UR Holt Creek Landy Captain Kirk   USA 116860587

Dam: PR Holt Creek KENYA Landy   USA 116704218

Maternal AND Paternal Grandsire:  ISNZ Beledene Dukes LANDY  JENZL 302702

KENTUCKY Semen Prices:

$8/straw 5-75 straws

$6/straw 80+ straws

Order in increments of 5 straws, 5 straws minimum order

TO ORDER SEMEN: Send an email to ben@holtcreekjerseys.com including the following information:

  1. Billing Name, Address, and Phone Number
  2. Shipping Name, Address and Phone Number (if different)
  3. Number of straws desired from each bull
  4. Any special instructions, such as delayed shipping

*Order in increments of 5 straws, 5 straws minimum order.

*All semen prices are PLUS SHIPPING.  Shipping costs may vary, but are averaging between $110-$125, depending upon your location.

*Semen is shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays.  If you place your order after close of business on Monday, it may possibly be shipped the following week.

Captain Kirk-2.jpg
Holt Creek Landy Captain Kirk, Sire of Holt Creek Montana


Holt Creek Landy Mona, Dam of Holt Creek Kentucky

Below is a short video of Kentucky on the ranch in the Sandhills:


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